2024 FUN RUN

The 2024 FUN RUN will be on April 26th. GOAL: $75,000


When will the Fun Run take place? 

-The run takes place on 4/26 during school hours 

Is there a limit to the number of laps my student can run?

-The kids can run more than 35 laps, but no one will be charged beyond that amount for laps run

Can my child participate even without raising funds? 

-Yes! Every child that registers, even without a pledge, will receive a bracelet as a reward.  Every child will also participate in the run regardless of financial contribution. 

Will every student run the same track? 

-The track will be modified for size depending on the age group!

Can parents help? 

-Yes! We will need some day of volunteers! Please reach out to funrun@brightonpto.com or check back here for a signup sheet. 

What is the goal of this Fun Run? 

-Our goal is to raise $75,000 to bridge the gap in our budget for all PTO sponsored events including enrichment activities, community events, student trips and educational experiences. 

Why are we doing a Fun Run?

-We are doing this for fundraising, of course, but also to continue building a strong sense of community among the kids and families of Brighton

Are there prizes or incentives for the kids to do this Fun Run? 

-There are prizes for kids and some exciting larger school-wide prizes. More info to come on kick-off day! 

Do you have anything I can send family and Friends about the PTO so they understand what they are donating to?

See below

ABOUT US PTO 2023.pdf