This is FREE to attend and all are welcome. If you choose to participate in the Carnival Games or purchase food here are the details:


  • 8 different Carnival Games with Prizes- 1 ticket each

  • Glitter Tattoos- 2 tickets

  • Balloon Animals- 2 tickets

  • Coffee/Tea/Cider Stand- 1 ticket

  • Concession Stand- 1 to 2 tickets

Cash or Credit card:

Carnival Tickets

Pack of 5 $10

Pack of 10 $20

Pack of 20 $40

Pack of 50 $100

*Pre-purchase online for a better deal*

Pack of 11 $20

Pack of 22 $40

Pack of 55 $100

We will also be selling tickets at various times over the next few weeks at the school during drop off an pick up. You can pick up your tickets here or at the carnival!