Help raise money for the Brighton PTO with SCRIP gift cards! Brighton families, friends, and staff are all welcome to participate. When you purchase a gift card, you receive the full value of that gift card and the PTO receives a percent rebate (usually between 2-15% depending on the store). There are hundreds of stores to choose from. Click HERE for the options. 

There are 2 ways to order SCRIP:


Download the RaiseRight Fundraising app (see below)

Brighton PTO's Enrollment Code: 9CBLF8A35359

You can order e-cards or physical cards to be shipped to your home.


PTO Order Form 

NOTE: only use this option if you don’t need physical cards right away (up to a month) since we batch orders about every 4-8 weeks. Also, you can’t order e-cards this way (you must do this through the app or website).

a. Choose from the available gift cards from the list above and complete the ORDER FORM.

b. Submit the form AND check, in an envelope into the PTO drop box at the school.

PTO’s SCRIP Teacher/staff Gift-giving program

Twice a year, the PTO organizes a way for families to gift SCRIP certificates of appreciation to staff members. Staff members redeem these certificates for their favorite gift cards from SCRIP. Although most families gift during the PTO’s bi-annual gift-giving opportunities, SCRIP gifts can be given at any time by contacting

PTO’s SCRIP flyer