2023 FUN RUN

Thank you for such a successful and exciting FUN RUN for Brighton on May 3rd, 2022! Every grade did an amazing job and we were pledged over $37,000 to meet our goal!

Our second annual Brighton Fun Run fundraiser will kick off on 4/10/23 and will take place on 4/21/23 Our goal is to raise $25,000 for Community Events, Enrichment Activities, Field Trips, overnight trips and more and to strengthen our school community.

We’ve asked our friends at Booster to power our fundraiser to make it more profitable, fun, and easy for everyone!

Heres what all students can get excited about:

  • Fun, engaging character development lessons

  • A high-energy event to give our school a much needed boost of fun!


When will the Fun Run take place?

-The run takes place on 5/3 during school hours.

Is there a limit to the number of laps my student can run?

-The kids can run more than 35 laps, but no one will be charged beyond that amount for laps run

Can my child participate even without raising funds?

-Yes! Every child that registers, even without a pledge, will receive a bracelet as a reward. Every child will also participate in the run regardless of financial contribution.

Will every student run the same track?

-The track will be modified for size depending on the age group!

Can parents help?

-Yes! We will need some day of volunteers! Sign up here: Brighton School Community: Fun Run Volunteer (signupgenius.com)

What is the goal of this Fun Run?

-Our goal is to raise $25,000 to bridge the gap in our budget for all PTO sponsored events including enrichment activities, community events, student trips and educational experiences.

Why are we doing a Fun Run?

-We are doing this for fundraising, of course, but also to continue building a strong sense of community among the kids and families of Brighton

Are there prizes or incentives for the kids to do this Fun Run?

-There are prizes for kids provided by our partner Booster and some exciting larger school-wide prizes. More info to come on kick-off day!